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Jessica’s daughter Hailee loves her new Yak Pak Quilted Bag!  Jessica documents her life as a fun and creative SAHM (a.k.a. Stay At Home Mom) in the blog Mommy’s Gone Crazy!  Jessica and her daughter Hailee have partnered with us for a Yak Pak review in the past, and we loved it so much, we sent them another one of our favorite bags to keep and review!

“It came in a camo like print, camo is her new favorite thing now!”-Jessica

Read Jessica’s review here:

Mommys Gone Crazy Yak Pak

Momma Mina is a sweet little blog about a multi-talented momma (college graduate with a B.A. in English Literature and Spanish, professional jazz singer with an album available on itunes, and certified yoga instructor, just to name a few endeavors), who loves her hubby and two little girls!  Amina invites us to peek into her daily activities and silly discoveries with her little ones in her blog, and even has a section where you can shop her handmade goodies for toddlers!  We send this sweet momma a Yak Pak lunch pak, and her oldest got a kick out of making a lunch to put in it!

Read the review here:

Momma Mina Yak PakMomma Mina Yak PakMomma Mina Yak PakMomma Mina Yak Pak

At Home With Momma Skyla is a blog written by a teacher turned homeschooling mom and author.  A fun blog filled with great educational activities, crafts, and tidbits of Skyla’s family life, At Home With Momma Skyla is a great family-friendly blog!  Check out some of Skyla’s ideas on how to make everyday learning fun for your kids, as well as amazing homeschooling techniques!

Recently At Home With Momma Skyla participated in a Yak Pak review.

Read the review here:

Momma Skyla Yak Pak Momma Skyla Yak Pak

Momma Lew’s blog is bright, colorful, and exciting!  Explore new products by reading her personal reviews, and enter to win great gifts in her giveaways.  From food and recipes to home goods and trends for tots, there is something for everyone on Momma Lew’s blog!

We thought Momma Lew would like a Yak Pak backpack to test out, and she loved it!

“I was so thrilled with the size and quality of this backpack.”- Reesa of Momma Lew

Read the review here:

 Momma Lew Yak Pak Backpack Momma Lew Yak Pak Backpack

Marcie is the blogger behind Obviously Marvelous, a blog that covers everything from family and fashion to food and entertainment.  With personalized articles detailing the joys of motherhood and a growing family, Marcie’s blog really gives a sense of who she is.  Check out some of her favorite tried and true recipes and indulge in some delicious new dishes!  Recently, we sent Marcie a Yak Pak backpack and a Yak Pak Mini-Speaker to keep, and she was very excited!

Read Marcie’s review here:

Obviously Marvelous Yak Pak Obviously Marvelous Yak Pak Obviously Marvelous Yak Pak

Beth of Living A Goddess Life loves Yak Pak’s quilted tote bag!  A busy lady, Beth loves anything crafty and fun; she is a self-proclaimed “perpetual motion-machine”, and is always on the move. Living A Goddess Life is Beth’s blog about favorite items, things she loves, experiences she has had, and all of the quirky details in between!  Recently, we sent Beth our Yak Pak Quilted Wavy Peacock Tote, which she LOVED.

Read Beth’s review and see what’s in her Yak Pak bag here:Goddess Life Yak Pak Quilted

Always Blabbing is a blog hosted by Amber, a mother of five who loves all things girly.  Always Blabbing has a wide variety of product reviews all written in an incredibly personal and fun format.  Amber is also  a make-up, shoe, fashion, and jewelry junkie and love talking about any and all beauty products!  We sent Amber our Yak Pak Mini-Speaker and she raved about it!

Read Amber’s review here:

AlwaysBlabbing YakPak Back

AlwaysBlabbing YakPak Back

Megan writes for her blog, Absolute Mommy, which documents her silly and serious day to day experiences with her kids.  Absolute Mommy is a feel-good blog that invites you into the sometimes scary hilarity of motherhood with Megan.  As a stay at home mom, Megan writes about her two daughters, her husband, and how she learns something new every day.  We sent Megan and her daughter a Yak Pak laptop case for school and they loved it!  Absolute Mommy reviews Yak Pak in this blog review!

Read Megan’s review here:

Absolute Mommy Yak Pak Absolute Mommy Yak Pak Absolute Mommy Yak Pak Absolute Mommy Yak Pak

Alabama native Kristin is the author of The Little Princess Diaries, a blog detailing the four F’s:  faith, family fitness, and fashion!  Yak Pak sent Kristin and her daughter Ella a cool new Yak Pak messenger bag for first grade!  Ella is a young fashionista who loves to collect neat bags to tote around, and has decided that our Yak Pak messenger bag is her new favorite.

Read Ella and Kristen’s review here:

Little Princess Diaries Yak Pak Bag Little Princess Diaries Yak Pak Bag Little Princess Diaries Yak Pak Bag

It Happens In A Blink is an artistic outlet for Melanie, a busy mom of a preschooler and triplets.  Melanie’s blog is all about quick and easy creative projects and fun family friendly giveaways!  Melanie says, “I want this website to also focus on the ‘other’ things in life- parenting, faith, and my newfound motherhood role”.  With so many cute crafts and projects to juggle, Yak Pak figured Melanie needed a lunch break and sent her a Yak Pak Lunch Pak!

Read Melanie’s review here:

In a Blink Yak Pak Lunch PakIn a Blink Yak Pak Lunch Pak