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Candy writes blog posts on the personal lifestyle and interest blog, Mother of Style.  Mother of Style was launched in 2010, as a creative outlet and resource for other mothers and families.  Candy explains that the purpose of Mother of Style is to connect with other women with her interests.  Recently, Candy received one of our Yak Pak backpacks and she loves it!

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MotherofStyle Yak Pak MotherofStyle YakPak

A Lazy Crazy Life is written and edited by Becky, a mom who is searching for balance between juggling three kids and her personal time.  Becky’s blog is easy to relate to, quirky, funny, and heartwarming!  This family of North Carolina natives has been blogging since 2011, documenting family trips and new experiences.

We sent Becky a Yak Pak backpack for her youngest child, Lorelai and she loved it!

Read Becky’s review here:

Lazy Crazy Yak Pak Lazy Crazy Yak Pak Lazy Crazy Yak Pak Lazy Crazy Yak Pak

Coco Michelle Magazine is an amazing resource for beauty tips, fashion advice, recipes and more!  Coco Michelle aims to celebrate womanhood as well as connect with other women in their 40’s and up.  With a great selection of positive articles, you are left feeling refreshed and inspired to incorporate fresh new ideas into your daily routines!  Yak Pak sent Coco Michelle Magazine one of our fun Yak Pak messenger bags.

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Karen of Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog, is a busy woman; between crafting and hanging out with three little ones, she is always doing something neat!  Karen’s favorite hobby is crafting items for 18-inch dolls, including American Girl Dolls, Maplelea Dolls, Harmony Club Dolls, Springfield Dolls, My London Girl, Our Generation, Australian Girl, and more.  Karen loves to blog and divides her attention between blogging on various doll sites, publishing recipes on various baking websites, and her crafting website.  Other hobbies of Karen’s include sewing and keeping up to date on Nascar news.

Yak Pak decided to take a little weight off of Karen’s shoulders and sent her a Yak Pak messenger bag.

Read Karen’s review here:

Karen Mom of Three Yak Pak

Heidi hosts Rainy Day Ramblings, a blog all about books!  If you are looking for a little reading inspiration, you can find book reviews and summaries dating all the way back to September 2011.  From fantasy to Young Adult fiction and more, Heidi’s blog is a trove of imagination!  Read through Heidi’s book blog and create a list from her suggestions for your next library trip.  Speaking of library trip, Heidi took our Yak Pak messenger bag and in-ear bud headphones with her to the library.

Read what Heidi said about our Yak Pak items here:

RainyDayRamblings Yak Pak

RainyDayRamblings Yak Pak RainyDayRamblings Yak Pak

Reese writes about fashion and everyday life in her blog The Importance of Being Reese.  The down to Earth quirk with which Reese writes makes you feel as if you are having a conversation with an old friend.  Reese has lived on two continents and in more than a dozen states, and has a very eclectic and unique sense of style.  Her blog discusses the joys of motherhood, her personal relationship, as well as DIY crafts, food blurbs, and books she has been reading.  Such a busy woman must have her hands full, so we sent Reese one of our Yak Pak bags to love!

Read Reese’s review here:

 Being Reese Yak Pak BagBeing Reese Yak Pak Bag Being Reese Yak Pak Bag

Robin Charmagne Loves Our Yak Pak Bag!

Robin Charmagne hosts a self-titled blog showcasing great fashion finds!  With an eclectic closet of both trendy and classic items (which you can shop on her site) , Robin’s colorful collection of pieces is fun and inspiring.  Her positive blog encourages readers to let their personal style shine through and is full of feel-good articles and reviews!  Yak Pak loves making friends with individuals who are in touch with their creative side, so we reached out to Robin and offered her a chance to review our Yak Pak bag!

Read what Robin Charmagne thought of our Yak Pak bag here:

Robin Charmagne Yak Pak

Robin Charmagne Yak Pak Robin Charmagne Yak Pak Robin Charmagne Yak Pak Robin Charmagne Yak Pak


Tara Lukens hosts the blog Live Laugh Love and has been blogging since 2010.  This New Jersey mother approaches every day with a positive attitude and an open mind making her family friendly blog is an uplifting read!  Tara enjoys everything from shopping to camping as well as spending time with her puppy.  We sent Tara and her dog Roxy our purple multicheck Yak Pak doggie kit and they loved it!

Read Tara’s review here:

Live Laugh Love Yak PakLive Laugh Love Yak PakLive Laugh Love Yak Pak

Darcie of the blog Gust Gab gave our Yak Pak messenger a great review!  Gust Gab is a lighthearted blog complete with a Summer Bucket List, cool product reviews, and a “Fun We’ve Found” page complete with videos, photos and more!  Darcie’s daughter is going into a new school for the 2013 school year and needed a fun and wild new backpack with enough space to fit all of her books and snacks in!  We sent Darcie and her daughter our white and black zebra print Yak Pak messenger and they absolutely loved it!

Read Darcie’s review here:

Gust Gab Yak Pak review Gust Gab Yak Pak review Gust Gab Yak Pak review   Gust Gab Yak Pak review Gust Gab Yak Pak review Gust Gab Yak Pak review

Doranda is the mother of Watch Out For The Woestmans, a blog which documents the fun and creative things her family does together!  With an entire archive of fun fashion tutorials to inspire you from Doranda as well as a ton of images from family trips and events, Watch Out For The Woestmans is a colorful, exciting blog!  Find your inspiration in some of Doranda’s simple and trendy crafting tutorials, or take a moment to smile and flip through her online photography portfolio!  Full of color, smiles, and crafts, Watch Out For The Woestmans is a great resource for creative families!  With so much happening, the Woestmans must have their hands full, so we sent them our skull print Yak Pak backpack!

Read the Woestman’s review hereWFTW Yak Pak Doranda

  WFTW Yak Pak Review Backpack WFTW Yak Pak WFTW Yak Pak

WFTW Yak Pak