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Southern Floridian Jennifer is the voice of Diary of A Working Mom.  A mother of two who delves into work, family, crafting and baking whole-heartedly, Jennifer writes entries in her diary of a working mom documenting daily events!  Her archive of quick and delicious recipes deliver, while her recounted adventures with two toddlers makes you smile; there is much to love about Diary of A Working Mom.  Speaking of love, Jennifer wrote us a great review of our heart-print Yak Pak messenger bag!

Read Jennifer’s review here:

Diary W Mom Yak Pak

Diary W Mom Yak Pak Diary W Mom Yak Pak Diary W Mom Yak Pak  Diary W Mom Yak Pak Diary W Mom Yak Pak Diary W Mom Yak Pak

Anne K. is the sweet blogger behind The Pink Momma, a blog that describes life as a mommy, wife, DIY crafter, and baking enthusiast!  Radiating positivity, Anne vivaciously posts about everyday life, fun and easy crafts, as well as the delicious desserts she has hand-crafted.  With an eye for color and composition, Anne is the ideal Yak Pak consumer; extending the invitation to take part in a review and giveaway on her blog, we offered Anne an item of her choice.  A smart cookie, Anne chose one of our favorite prints on one of our versatile backpacks!

Read her review here:

The Pink Momma Yak Pak The Pink Momma Yak Pak The Pink Momma Yak Pak

Jade, blog author of Coffee and Cashmere review our Yak Pak DJ Headphones!  Coffee and Cashmere details the everyday life of Jade and her adorable three-year-old daughter Adrienne!  Together they are an inseparable force to be reckoned with, combating daily tasks and playing dress up like the divas they are!  Coffee and Cashmere has an amazing archive of DIY projects, yummy recipes, inspirational decor and more!  Yak Pak thought they were the perfect couple to test out our funky ombre DJ headphones and we were right!

Read Jade and Adrienne’s review of our Yak Pak DJ Headphones here:

CC Yak Pak CC Yak Pack Headphones Back CC Yak Pak Headphones Up Close CC Yak Pak Turntable

Nikki is a college graduate who works as a registered nurse in the Intensive Care unit.  When Nikki is not providing heartfelt expert care, she is shuffling through her closet to create her next favorite outfit to post on her blog Fashions On The Fly!  Joining the blogging community as a hobby has turned into a great communication skill where she can meet and share her adventures around her hometown of Salt Lake City.  In this post, you can see what kind of Yak Pak user Nikki is as she hangs out in our Yak Pak DJ headphones.

Read Nikki’s review on Fashions On The Fly here:

Nikki Close Headphones Yak Pak Nikki Steps Yak Pak Headphones Nikki Turned Yak Pak Headphones Nikki Yak Pak Headphones Close Up Nikki Yak Pak Headphones Standing Nikki Yak Pak Headphones

Lala, blogger of Delightful Ideas reviewed our Yak Pak messenger bag!  Lala is a Southern Californian soccer mom who has a fresh perspective on life and raising a family!  Delightful Ideas invites you to experience the West coast as a member of Lala’s family.  Yak Pak invited Lala to gather her family and review a Yak Pak bag!

Read Lala’s review here.

Delightful Ideas Yak Pak Bag Print Delightful Ideas Yak Pak Bag Delightful Ideas Yak Pak Messenger Bag Delightful Ideas Yak Pak Messenger

Rachel is a sweet and quirky crafting mom who writes for Holy Craft, a blog which details crafting, motherhood, family life, and loving every second of it!  With three kids, you have to plan ahead, to stay ahead of the game, and that is exactly what Rachel was doing when she decided she needed a Yak Pak backpack, thus Holy Craft reviewed a Yak Pak Backpack!

Rachel explains that a backpack in her house isn’t slipped away when school lets out for summer.  The family uses backpacks for beach trips, sleepovers, carry ons, library trips, and more!  Yak Pak contacted Rachel and offered Holy Craft the option to write a review of our backpack and host a giveaway!

Read Rachel’s review of our Yak Pak backpack here!

Holy Craft Reviews Yak Pak Backpack Holy Craft Reviews Yak Pak Backpack Holy Craft Reviews Yak Pak Backpack

Stephanie of Kitschy wrote us a lovely Yak Pak bag review!  Stephanie is a teacher and a poet who writes (a lot) in her free time.  Once of her projects is writing and posting for kitschy.tumblr.com, her blog about fashion, inspiration, and well, words!  Yak Pak figured Stephanie needed a tough, fashionable bag to comfortable carry all of her books (school books, poetry, notebooks, novels, dictionaries, thesauruses, graded papers, un-graded papers, late assignments, pop quizzes- YOU GET THE IDEA), so we reached out and asked her which type of Yak Pak girl she was?  The answer?          A Kitschy one!

Read Stephanie’s articulate review of our Yak Pak backpack here!

Kitschy Tumblr Yak Pak 2 Kitschy Tumblr Yak Pak 3 Kitschy Tumblr Yak Pak 4 Kitschy Tumblr Yak Pak

Unintentional SAHM (Stay At Home Mom!) reviews our Yak Pak Headphones!

Krystal is the mind behind Unintentional Stay At Home Mom, a blog which follows her through her daily routines of motherhood!  Coffee in hand, Krystal is always on the go and with a three-year-old, you have to be prepared with goodies to keep the peace!  Luckily, Yak Pak jumped in and offered Krystal our comfortable and convenient Owl Print DJ Headphones to occupy her little one while he is running errands with mom!  Three-year-old Noah loved our Yak Pak headphones (and so did his mom, Krystal!).  Unintentional?  We think not!

Read Krystal’s Review of our Yak Pak headphones here!

USAHM Yak Pak  USAHM Yak Pak

Scarlet is a sweet southern stay-at-home mom who says howdy to all things family friendly and fun on her website Family Focus Blog!  Family Focus Blog reports on fun family activities, eco-friendly items, food, and traveling.  Scarlet has a lot to juggle, so we decided to invite her to take off her mom-hat for a little while and have fun browsing our Yak Pak items for one that fit her taste!  Family Focus Blog was also kind enough to host a giveaway where a lucky Family Focus Blog follower won their own Yak Pak product!

Read Scarlet’s review of our Yak Pak hatbox here!

 yakpak-hat-box-in-olive-birds familyfocusblogFamily Focus Blog Yak Pak

Celia, a 21 year old college student teamed up with Yak Pak to host a review and giveaway on her blog!  An artsy cat lover who studies philosophy, Celia relishes in fabulous finds for her eclectic fashion sense.  Our heart print Yak Pak bag was perfect for her lifestyle!

Read her review of our Yak Pak bag here.

celia ceedling

Ceedling bag yakpak